As an industry-leading power line contractor in Wyoming we are constantly growing. As such, we are always searching for talented people to be a part of our team.

However, in order to grow and develop new talent, there has to be interest in the field. There needs to be a new generation of electrical linemen who are trained to take up the mantle.

An electrical lineman can be an exciting career with a loads of opportunity for advancement with the right employer. We hope this brief introduction teases your appetite and makes you want to learn even more.

What do Electrical Linemen do?

Electrical linemen have the primary duty of installing power lines based on the guidelines set out for them by electrical engineers. They also make sure their tested and ready to go. After the initial set up is done, their work is far from over. They must continue to maintain their work and provide repairs when necessary. This is especially common in an area where storms are frequent.

This line of work does require a fair amount of physical strength. Even more critical is the ability to troubleshoot and continue to grow one’s mechanical prowess. A commitment to safety is also crucial. In a job where you’re often required to work on electrical systems far above the ground, the risk of falling and/or electric shock is constantly present.

Most linemen make their way through an apprenticeship program and become a journeyman. Becoming an electrical lineman is usually done through a very hands on apprenticeship program. You’ll be working with a various crew to learn essential job skills. It can be very demanding and some linemen training schools experience dropout rates of 65 percent.

However, being a lineman can be a very stable career choice. In May 2018, PayScale reported a salary range of $28,200 to $72,414 for apprentices and $47,100 to $104,482 for journeymen.

In case you’re wondering about the difference between an electrical lineman and an electrician, an electrician is someone who works to install and repair electrical wiring inside of buildings.

Do Power Line Construction Work with Intermountain Electric Service, Inc.

While this post was primarily geared toward those who want to learn about a career as an electrical lineman, if you’re a certified lineman, electrician, engineer, or mechanic, Intermountain Electric wants to hear from you. Our company offers more than just competitive salaries and benefits — as great as those things are — we offer a clear path to advancement and the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

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