Intermountain Electric Services is a leader in electrical substation design and construction company in Wyoming. We also serve Colorado, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Since 1975 we have been building these electrical substations to serve commercial, industrial, and oil field electrical projects. In that time, we have never once failed to get the job done.

Substations are an integral part of getting electricity from point to point, but there’s often a lot of mystery surrounding them. Chances are you’ve seen a substation on a walk or a drive. There’s likely one near your home. However, all you can see from the outside is a bunch of power lines, electrical equipment, and a giant sign warning you to stay out because of high voltage and a risk of electric shock.

Our goal is to explain the purpose of a substation and a little bit about how they work and what benefit they provide.

What is a substation?

Simply put, a substation serves as a sort of intermediary between an electricity generator and the end user. A substation primary job is to transform the voltage of electricity by speeding up or slowing down the current.

A lot of our clients require electricity in way out in the middle of nowhere oil fields. In order to get electricity to them quickly, efficiently, and at the lowest cost possible, substations are an absolute necessity.

Power lines carry electricity from a generator to a substation. These substations either are either step up substations (which increase the voltage) or step down substations (which decrease the voltage. As electricity travels along, it experiences voltage drop. This voltage drop is counteracted by step up substations which are designed to increase the voltage and send the electricity along its way. Once electricity is near the point of distribution to the end user, a step down station lowers the voltage so homes and businesses can use the electricity safely and efficiently.

So you see, without substations the transfer of electricity would be either impossible or a lot more expensive. Substations facilitate the transfer of this electricity, allowing industry to take place, even in places far off from “civilization.”

As a final aside, if you’re not a trained professional, it is highly advised that you do not attempt any repair on a substation. You should call the company who built the substation for you. They are equipped with the resources to perform basic upkeep and make repairs as needed.

Intermountain Electric Services is Your Electrical Substation Design Company of Choice

With expertly trained technicians and engineers, specialized substation equipment, and experience with commercial, industrial, and oilfield projects, our substation design and maintenance company is ready to take on any project.

With over 40 years of experience and know how, we offer reliable solutions that keep America running. If you’re in need of electrical substation design, construction, or maintenance Intermountain Electric is here for you.

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