When it comes to the operation of any major facility, unexpected downtime is one of the costliest events to occur. This is particularly true in the oil and gas industry where one unplanned day of downtime could result in the loss of thousands upon thousands of dollars.

In order to prevent downtime, you need to ensure that you are ahead of the curve when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Check out these key factors to preventing costly downtime and contact our team for assistance with all your electrical substation design and construction needs.

#1: Make Sure You Have Team Members Who Are Invested

First and foremost, the only way to lower downtime is to ensure that you have team members who are truly invested in keeping your operation running smoothly. No amount of technology or equipment can replace the diligence of staff who constantly work to improve operations. Make sure that management who is in charge of scheduling maintenance and other relevant tasks are provided with ample time and resources to help lower downtime. Equip your team to do their very best. It is only with the power of a dedicated team that you can improve your operations.

#2: Utilize Ongoing Monitoring Of Equipment

The good news is that with the advent of technology, monitoring your entire fleet of equipment is only becoming easier. From smart technology to cloud accessible data, you can monitor and analyze the operation of your equipment from anywhere. Make sure you utilize technology to your advantage and constantly monitor your fleet in real-time. Use this stream of data to make a predictive analysis of operations and to schedule maintenance prior to equipment failure.

#3: Schedule Frequent Maintenance With Electrical Contractors

A huge component of the operation of your equipment is the power being funneled to it. Without the constant supply or reliable power, you can face serious amounts of downtime. Prevent this by scheduling frequent maintenance with your electrical contractors. From power line maintenance to small repairs to your electrical substations, ongoing service is a must. Not only can a professional quickly fix any issues as they arise, but they can help you better prepare for and plan out major maintenance needs.

#4: Always Invest In Quality Electrical Substation Design

When it comes to the addition of a new electrical substation at your facility or job site, be sure that you are investing in quality design and construction services. Hire only a team of electrical engineers that has extensive experience in the field and an array of completed projects to demonstrate their capabilities. Investing up front in high-quality design and construction will go a long way in preventing downtime in the future.

Helping You Operate Smoothly

Here at Intermountain Electric Service, we have years of experience helping design and implement electrical solutions across an array of industries. Whether you are powering a remote oil rig or a massive manufacturing plant, we can help design and build the systems you need. Talk to us today about scheduling electrical substation designs in Wyoming.