When it comes to a major electrical construction project, there are countless moving pieces that need to be handled in a timely manner in order for the project to go off without a hitch and on time. In some cases, this requires working with a variety of companies, each one responsible for a portion of the project. Perhaps one contractor draws up designs for your project. Maybe another procures the equipment needed and yet another handles the actual installation.

You can quickly see how wires can get crossed, schedules can conflict, and issues can arise as you work with so many independent companies. For this reason, many prefer to contract out a company who provides Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) services. If you are considering electrical construction in Wyoming, we highly recommend you opt for EPC services. Find out below more information about EPC services, their benefits, and how our team can help.

What Are EPC Services?

As the name indicates, EPC services cover a project from start to finish. From engineering the design to procuring the proper equipment to the actual construction, EPC services allow you to simply hire one company to handle a project from start to finish. This company is staffed differently than one which only focuses on a single aspect of an electrical construction company.

A business that can handle EPC services will have electrical engineers on staff who can create a design for your project. They will also have electrical contractors on hand to deal with the construction aspects. A company offering EPC services will also have built quality relationships with equipment suppliers in order to procure any necessary components for the project.

What Are The Main Benefits Of EPC Services?

When it comes to a large electrical construction project, many businesses opt to work with a company who offers EPC services for a variety of reasons. The benefits of implementing EPC services include the following:

  • Less Hassle: Rather than trying to stay in contact with multiple contractors, keeping schedules straight, and staying on top of what is being done, utilizing EPC services allows you to have one point of contact. This is far less of a hassle for everyone involved.
  • Faster Work: When you are working with more than one contractor, you have to work around each company’s schedule. This invariably leads to delays. A business that offers EPC services allows for a much faster turnaround as they can handle all their scheduling internally.
  • Lowered Costs: Due to the efficiency of EPC services, you will wind up spending less on a major electrical construction project. The team you hire can work efficiently and keeping track of costs is easier for you.

Schedule Electrical Construction With Our Team

Looking for electrical construction in Wyoming? Our team can help. We offer EPC services which means far less hassle for you. If you are about to undertake a major electrical project, please reach out to Intermountain Electric Service today to find out more about our turnkey services.