At Intermountain Electric Service our biggest goal is to provide the best in electrical-related services. We take great pride in being Wyoming’s electrical construction company of choice. We didn’t just happen upon our reputation and our skill set. It’s taken training and over 40+ years to get to where we are.

One of the most important things in our craft is knowledge, and the skills to apply that knowledge. We also believe it’s important for our customers — and the general public — to understand what we do. In order to do that, it’s helpful to know how electricity is generated and makes it to the end user. This post is geared toward that end.

Electricity is an absolutely essential part of modern life. They allow infrastructure to be built and commercial projects to grow and develop.

Understanding How Electricity Moves

Chance are you know what AC or alternating currents are. AC current flow back and forth, hence the word alternating. Most homes and business are powered by AC currents because of their ability to travel so quickly. AC currents travel on power lines to reach their intended destination.

That’s what makes the power line construction work we do so very vital. Without an experienced power line company to set up, test, and perform maintenance on the lines, electricity would get nowhere.

Power plants send out AC currents at high voltage rates, which allow it to travel quickly. This quick travel is important because the cost of electricity for the consumer would rise if generators could not move electricity fast enough.

From there the power lines carry the current to a substation where the voltage is “transformed” for proper use. The work of these substations are vital because homes and businesses would have major problems if voltage could not be reduced. From substations, the electricity voltage is lowered or raised, depending on the need, and sent off to the end user.

As a side note, DC power currents can’t be transformed.

Intermountain Electric Services

We hope our goal of providing an informative and helpful guide to understand where electricity comes from, how it moves around, and how Intermountain Electric Services fits into the process. We take great pride in our power line construction work because we know we make it possible for businesses to get their work done, even in far out-of-the-way places.

Intermountain Electric is the industry leader for power line construction and maintenance in Wyoming and the surrounding areas. Our engineers have tackled jobs that have spanned a few weeks to a few years. So whether you’re in the market for power line construction work, or your lines need maintenance or repair, we are your power line contractors of choice. There is no challenge we aren’t up for.

We offer free consultations, so if you have any questions about our pricing and schedules, please feel free to contact us today. We are also available by phone at one of our four Wyoming locations as well as our field office in Monahans, TX.