1. Exciting Opportunities as an Electrical Lineman

    As an industry-leading power line contractor in Wyoming we are constantly growing. As such, we are always searching for talented people to be a part of our team. However, in order to grow and develop new talent, there has to be interest in the field. There needs to be a new generation of electrical …Read More

  2. The Benefits of an Electrical Substation

    Intermountain Electric Services is a leader in electrical substation design and construction company in Wyoming. We also serve Colorado, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Since 1975 we have been building these electrical substations to serve commercial, industrial, and oil field electrical projects.…Read More

  3. The Transference of Power

    At Intermountain Electric Service our biggest goal is to provide the best in electrical-related services. We take great pride in being Wyoming’s electrical construction company of choice. We didn’t just happen upon our reputation and our skill set. It’s taken training and over 40+ years to get…Read More

  4. Getting Your Power Lines Ready For Spring

    Here in Wyoming, when spring and summertime arrive, the increase for severe storms arrives as well. If you have a remote job site, these storms can cause intense damages that will halt your operations. Your power lines are one particularly weak facet of your operations. With the loss of power comes …Read More

  5. Preparing For An Electrical Construction Project

    When it comes to electrical construction in Wyoming, our team at Intermountain Electric Service has seen it all. From helping a company restore power after a big winter storm to designing a new electrical substation, every project carries its own unique set of challenges and details. If you have rec…Read More

  6. Why You Should Choose A One-Stop Electrical Construction Solution

    When it comes to a major electrical construction project, there are countless moving pieces that need to be handled in a timely manner in order for the project to go off without a hitch and on time. In some cases, this requires working with a variety of companies, each one responsible for a portion …Read More

  7. Key Factors To Preventing Costly Downtime

    When it comes to the operation of any major facility, unexpected downtime is one of the costliest events to occur. This is particularly true in the oil and gas industry where one unplanned day of downtime could result in the loss of thousands upon thousands of dollars. In order to prevent downtime, …Read More

  8. Understanding The Different Types Of Electrical Substation Designs

    When it comes to electrical substation designs, there are a few major types utilized. Depending on your needs, our team can help you design the ideal fit for your work site or facility. As experts in electrical substation design in Wyoming, we are equipped to help you from start to finish with your …Read More

  9. Creating The Right Budget For Your Electrical Project

    As local Wyoming electrical engineers, we have years of experience helping an array of businesses with the implementation of new electrical solutions. From ensuring that a remote oil and gas job site has access to reliable power to helping a massive manufacturing facility power their operations, we …Read More

  10. What To Do When A Storm Damages Your Company’s Power Lines

    It is a familiar picture to those of us who have lived in locations with inclement weather. A bad storm rolls through the area, and power lines are downed. Whether it is a spring thunderstorm with strong winds or a howling winter blizzard, weather can leave whole sections of our state scrambling to …Read More